Young black and veggie


Since my childhood I’ve realized the importance of a good diet. Not because I was such an intelligent and gifted child (thats only half of the reason). It was easy. Watching my grandmother weigh out her every meal after suffering her second heart attack was enough incentive for a lifetime. Everyone that I knew that was of a ripe age had diseases and ailments that I wouldnt wish on anyone.  I’d hear conversations from the adults in my family about high blood pressure, diabetes, cataracts as if they were news worthy. We have accepted an unhealthy and unholy heritage of  diet related diseases as if they are or were our inheritance. We take a pull on our Newports, or Kool Kings and reflect on our hardly lived lives. While sipping on caffinated beverages and picking the remnants of pork from our teeth. So  I’ve decided long ago that my life was worth more than unnecessary suffering.  Irregardless of who was in my corner, I would seek out a better quality of life like a lost treasure.  Truth is… health is our heritage, health is wealth and …with that said I’m well off.  Regardless of your ethnicity,age, or socio-economic status wellness is yours for the taking.




image. (2012, 12 23). Retrieved from




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