An apple a day they say will keep the doctors away.  Hey I’m game for keeping doctors at bay. (Ok.. I’m off the Dr. Seus tip stat) I must say, apples during apple season is some thing of a phenomenom ( in my L.L. voice) Its a simple equation… having foods in their season ensures that this fruit or veggie will be the best that they can possibly be. Picked, prepared, and devoured in its prime.  It gets no better than this.  And I wouldnt be a real  friend if I didnt mention how good apples are for you. Apples boast the most antioxidant power amongst popular fruit, second only to cranberries (Shullman, 2012).  Who knew? Apples also have been linked to lower rates of heart disease in several studies, not to mention that they also carry anti inflammatory benefits (Shullman, 2012).  What a great package. They look good, taste great, and are great for you. Not bad for a whole food.  Now take that to the bank.


Chef Will Hall


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