Holy Mother Of Kombutcha!!!



The day I met the mother of Kombutcha will be forever burned into my memory.  First of all, nobodies momma needs to look like that, especially when company comes calling.  It was like a scene from the movie “The Blob” (circa 1988).  I saw it, it saw me, and my feet were frozen from fear.  I lost all sense and sensibility and fell to the floor gripping my heart , gasping for air, yeah the whole nine yards.   The most disturbing thing is that I couldn’t  conjure the strength and courage  to run.  Just then I could see my friend mouthing “ get it together Will”.  And in time I did.  It took a minute.  When I gained my composure we I ( my friend & I)  had a mature discussion about this trippy blob of bacteria (colony of bacteria & yeasts) that we called a “mother” .  Kombutcha is a fermented tea beverage, that has become famous in the U.S. for its health benefits, and the best news of all is that you can make this stuff at home.   Kombutcha tea can be flavored any way that you choose, the skys the limit, just choose a tea, and your choice flavoring. The “mother” is what takes the tea, and sugar through the process of fermentation.  It’s a starter.  The results of that fermentation is great for cleansing the liver, aids in digestion, helps sleep, assists weight loss, strengthens the immune system.  Kombutcha is known to carry high levels of B vitamins, and well and antioxidants. The suggested serving size is no more than 4 oz. a day. That’s right, a very small portion gives you so many benefits.  It has gained quite a cult following, with some that have love and loyalty for this strange elixir, and others who take pleasure in turning everyone and their grandmothers against it (haters) .  Regardless of where the naysayers stand.  Kombutcha can be a delicious (depending on who makes it) addition to your day.  Give it a try and form your own opinion. (Below is a picture of premade and packaged Kombutcha varieties that you can buy in the supermarket-good luck)











*Disclaimer: Despite all of these awesome benefits,  (like any herbal beverage, or supplement ) it is wise for young children, pregnant women, or anyone with a compromised immune system to consult your physician before consuming .




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