The Magic Of Charlie Trotter

In my belief, that a star is born everyday, somewhere perhaps in a far away place, where their name, or future fame is still an unknown.  These few implant themselves in our lives and change the way we see the simple things in life.  They upgrade our experience and empower us to savor the moments, to live, to breathe, to dream.  One such man was Charlie Trotter, who helped us redefine the essence of what is deliciously beautiful. For 25 years Mr. Trotter has invited us into his world, shared his passion for food, as only the greatest of artists can.  And we are better off because of it.  Because of Charlie Trotter we now regard the simple mushroom with the same reverence that we pay to the moon; in awe. We now nurture fresh herbs like mother hens. Careful not cause a disturbance.

Mr. Trotter brought out the best in us all and made us all foodies; with his 14 different cook books ranging from Seafood to Vegetables and most things in between. His list of accolades include; 11 James Beard Awards, a Humanitarian of the Year Award,  and an award for The Best Wine Driven Restaurant (by Wine Enthusiast) to name just a few.  Charlie Trotter also had philanthropic ties to several charities including his own; The Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Foundation.  He has also received awards at the White House from both President Bush, and Colin Powell for work with his Culinary Education Foundation. Today as we mourn his passing, we also celebrate excellence in food and culture.  R.I.P. Mr. Trotter, we will be forever grateful for your magic.

Chef Will Hall


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