A few things I learned while RUNNING

Running has been an integral part of my life. After running year round in high school I made a silent vow to myself to make sure it continues to be part of my repertoire, by any means necessary. And believe me it certainly pays off. I have learned to draw some pretty amazing parallels between my life and running. Here are a few things that I’ve learned over the years that have helped bring me perspective in every area of my life. I hope in some small way it will help you run your race more efficiently.
1. Run your own race– Nothing can put a damper on your life or your daily run the way comparing yourself to someone else can (*insert side eye here) When running keep your eyes on your own goals, and remember that running a successful race is contingent upon factors that only you can control. Run your own race, mind your own business. Compare your present self only to your former self. Period.
2. Stay in your own lane– This just reiterates #1’s point. Keep your mind stayed on your own goals. When you start to shift your energy into someone else’s race it not only ruins your chance of success, but it severely hampers the next person’s progress. Once again, stay focused grasshopper.
3. BREATHE- Let’s face it, running, just like life isn’t easy. But as long as you’re alive, its necessary to do your best in everything that you involve yourself in. I’ve learned that without breath it is impossible to live. That’s a fact. When you’re striving towards a goal it is even more imperative to pace yourself. The better you can breathe, the easier the task will become. So even if you don’t run, learn to meditate, or pray. Life is impossible without the two.
4. Wave and learn to smile– A smile is powerful. It is your strength in tough times, it is also your gift to the world. Let’s face it (*pardon the pun) it takes fewer muscles to smile then it does to frown. So whether you find yourself, walking running, and strolling through the day, flash that million dollar grin.
5. Enjoy the ride/run-You may not have time to smell the roses, but you can glance at them as you trot along through your day. Life is a gift.
6. Get in your own stride-one step at a time- I’ve found that on big projects I can get easily overwhelmed. That’s just my weakness. I’ve been told for as long as I can remember to take it one step at a time. Well it didn’t hit home until one Sunday, I decided to run a 10 miler. Its easy to run 5 miles out, but the return trip is a conundrum ….trust me.  What I’ve learned was to take it one step at a time, get in a comfortable stride, put your mind on the music and step it out. Period.
7. Dress light– Nothing will kill your progress quicker than carrying an unnecessary load. When running; as in life, unload anything that you don’t necessarily need to move forward- too many clothes, too heavy shoes, worry, self-doubt, negative associates, whatever and whoever it is. Let it go!
8. Respect the journey– One step at a time, one breath at a time you’ll get to your goal. No matter who you are and what you’ve achieved in the past, you can only take one step at a time, never two or three. When training for strength it’s never safe or smart to grab 100 lbs before being able to handle 50. That’s part of your development. Enjoy the ride, breathe, smile, get in your stride, stay in your own lane, dress light and you’ll be there before you know it.

Wishing you all GOOD HEALTH & WEALTH,

Chef Will Hall


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