Grapes and all things indigo

Concord grapes from

Concord grapes from

Every Friday, a goodie bag of local produce from arrives at a drop off point for my partner in crime aka my girlfriend for lack of some other grand term. It is just the kind of arrangement that makes all things concerning our relationship feel glitter and cotton candy covered. A local produce grab bag is just the type of attribute in our relationship that makes the chef in me all gooey inside. This week included amongst all other things, concord grapes…. Pause…. This is grape flavor that made Welches grape juice a highlight of many a child’s pubescent snack time joy. The flavor evident in grape Kool-Aid and all things vibrantly grape. When the bag was unloaded, it was the grape aroma that filled the room and moved my lovely to call my attention away from whatever I was attending to pay homage. So I did… and It was well worth it. Its skin was a deep indigo and it just bathed itself in the soft natural light in the kitchen. I cradled those little fruit with the care I’d extend to rare stones, and eyed them with quiet expectation. Each bite packed with extraordinarily tasty juice, that burst with slight pressure and expelled its contents to the depths of my delight (sounds like a bit much I know.. but that’s how I felt man…). The only drawback was that there wouldn’t be enough to share… I must savor them I thought to myself. I must hide my precious. *insert drooling, crazed, wide eyed man here*
Research supports making Concord grapes’ a welcomed part of a healthy diet. Concord grapes contain two heart healthy substances that are found in red wine; resveratrol and flavonoids. As an added bonus grape juice is found to reduce the threat of blood clots, and prevent LDL cholesterol from sticking to the coronary arteries. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. These delicious fruit are responsible for improved cognitive mind function, and immune system health. And to add another great benefit to it all… they’re seasonal, and available through Cheers to your new found Concord grape bounty!
Enjoy in good health,

Chef Will Hall
Chef Will Pic

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O’Connor, A. (2008, September 22). REALLY? The Claim: Grape Juice Has the Same Benefits as Red Wine. Retrieved September 29, 2014.


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