Food, Art and Subodh Gupta

Almost two years ago today, I helped to open and operate an Indian pop up kitchen at The Bowery in  lower Manhattan in conjunction with the(leading) NY Perfomance Art  company Performa and the world renowned artist Subodh Gupta.  This showcase was a great way to combine great food with inspiring art.  A pop up kitchen; for those who don’t already know is a temporary restaurant, which offers pretty awesome food, for a short time in order to  test the market in a geographic area.  Mr. Subodh which I called him affectionately; is an artist who’s home is New Delhi, India.  He is most famous for using ordinary items from his homeland and turning them into extraordinary works of art in order to pay homage to his roots and point to the subtle progress of his homeland.  His passion and expression was the reason our souls were knit; and the food that our team produced was proof positive that regardless of language, some things translate very well.  Passion, integrity, nutrition, and team work all were qualities we all cherished without discussion. Our interaction was the essence of beauty, and in those moments we all formed friendships that I hope will last forever.  This is my picture diary of those  sacred moments.  I salute you Mr. Subodh wherever you are!

Subodh Gupta 2

My lunch of aubergines (eggplant) kitcheri, yogurt, and papadum

the artist Subodh Gupta

Angelo, Subodh Gupta, and Chef Will Hall

Subodh Gupta 5

Kitchery and jack fruit

Subudh Gupta 6

This course was amazing- Kitchery, Jackfruit and homemade yogurt.

Subodh Gupta 12

Homemade sweetened yogurt with saffron served as our dessert. I must say, this was quite a decadent surprise.

Subodh Gupta 3

This super sized chandelier is one of the sculptures on display as part of Subodh Gupta’s works. Ironically is made of kitchen utensils; whisks, spoons, forks, etc. It was incredibly creative and quite dazzling.

Subodh Gupta 4

1st and second course started to blend together. 1st course was the kitchery with jack fruit and yogurt sauce. 2nd course was the lentil soup with flatbread. Every night was a delight for the senses.

Subodh Gupta 7

The artist Subodh Gupta mingling with one of the journalists.

Subodh Gupta 8

A picture of Diane and I. Diane was one of the kindest, most generous, souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting

Subodh Gupta 13

This was a delicious treat on the first and second night- curried vegetable soup with coriander.

Subodh Gupta 10

One of the final courses- Spicy Aubergine (eggplant), pickled okra, jasmine rice, cucumber-yogurt sauce, curried vegetable, fresh lime, chilies, a recipe for delicious.

Subodh Gupta 11

Halibut in a coconut curry wrapped in banana leaf and steamed, and as a vegetarian version, the same coconut curry was applied to jack fruit, eggplant etc and steamed-Yum!

Last night with Subodh Gupta

Ryan and I on the last night of service at the Bowery in Manhattan.


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